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AboutCalligraphy Greenway

Taichung Calligraphy Greenway is a scenic parkway that connects all along National Museum of Natural Science, Civic Square, Wuquan Parkway, and the LiuChuan Canal, where pedestrians may take a walk on their barefoot. Along the way are straight, exuberant trees. Also, verdant pastures, blue sky, and white clouds correspond to each other. Such a relief it is for a person to take a walk within! This green promenade had thus become one of the most precious scenic spots in the boisterous city of Taichung.

The Calligraphy Greenway may be divided into three segments, first of which is the Van Gogh Art Square laid out in front of National Museum of Natural Science. The square had been adopted by the Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. and become an Art Gallery for the masterpieces of the Dutch impressionist, Van Gogh, thus decorating the parkway with quite much art. Meanwhile, there is a colossal, towering cubic sculpture standing at the center of the Van Gogh Art Square. It is the “Taichung City Hall Centenary Monument” designed by one historian named Mr. Chu Ge who now works in the National Palace Museum and studies the history of art in ancient China. A Chinese character pronounced as “Chung” is inscribed in a cursive style to highlight the implied design concept. 2D characters are transformed into avant-garde cubic sculptures in 3D. Inscribed on the monument are four Chinese characters pronounced as “Yun-Chih-Chueh-Chung” or “holding to the Middle Way.” The correspondent “Chung” means “impartiality” or the concept of “neither too much, nor too little.” A poet named Cheng, Chou-Yu even composed a neo-poem titled “Beauty from Everywhere” on the inscription to combine with the sculptures and by the way, add a bit of romance to Taichung.

The second segment is the Civic Square most desirable for recreation and sports for citizens of Taichung. Located at the center and neighboring the residential area, we therefore see lots of people doing exercise and walking from day and night. It has become a place most desirable for recreation in the city of hustle and bustle. In addition, there are many cafeterias and Cafés around the Civic Square. You may taste coffee as well as delicacies after taking a walk and enjoy the afternoon leisure. Also, there would be some LOVE Adoption Events for dogs and cats within the square particularly on holidays. That adds quite a lot of warmth to the Civic Square. In addition, the square is also a location for Taichung Jazz Festival. The long-standing Taichung Jazz Festival that has been around year after year has become an annual magnificent event. Under the cooperation of public sectors and private enterprises, well-known jazz players, domestic and abroad, are invited. We successfully combine the public space, arts, and literature together and launch peripheral activities to add more vigor into Taichung City. At the same time, we also make a new spotlight on the Calligraphy Greenway!

The third segment is the Wuquan Parkway that extend beyond National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Strong humanity and art are the most attractive spotlights of the WuQuan Parkway. Walking in the parkway, we may see all kinds of characteristic sculptures everywhere for landscaping. Their style is so much eye-catching that many people find it suitable for photography, view-finding, and even wedding photos. Except for the special sculpture artworks, there are also many feature stores along the parkway of Chinese, French, Thai, American, Italian, Mid-East customs or whatever you may think of. The whole parkway is full of surprise with elegant scenes as well as multinational delicacies and stylish architectures. Such a marvel it is! The life attitude of getting close to the nature and savoring arts is the most wonderful gift that the Calligraphy Greenway would like to bring to everyone. Next time when you come to Taichung, you are welcomed to pay a visit to the Calligraphy Greenway and experience its charm in all dimensions.